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Kaprapan caters to the modern and fierce women of today.

Kaprapan believes in the modern Indian goddess and her enigma. Leaving aside the contemporary designs seen mostly, it takes up the challenge and gives you something with vibrant colours, intricate embroidery and awe-inspiring designs.
Anaita Shah
Anaita Shah / @anaita.shah
Hailing from a small part of Afghanistan, Anaita grew up with an exposure to a rich, opulence and vibrant culture, which sparked a passion for fashion within.

When she got introduced to the unique style of costume in her homeland, she wanted to explore more with how they can play with styling and create exquisite pieces of cloth and it became like she was born for it.

The concept behind her designs was to mix Indian embroidery with western clothes with the variances it provides. The touch of embroidery on any piece is just miraculous and it was to emphasise and celebrate the beauty of it.

About Our Studio

Near the ruins of centuries-old Siri Fort, Shahpur Jat is a tiny urban village that’s become a hip, bohemian enclave, home to designers’ studios and quirky shops. Along narrow streets decorated with vivid murals, you'll find our cozy studio.

Come visit us and take a look at our outfits and we're sure you'll find something you like.

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If you're interested in any collaborations, please send an email to contact@kaprapan.com or a whatsapp message or call to +91 95994 70605.

If you have any other concerns or would like to get in touch with us, feel free to send us a message through our form which is on the contact page.
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